How to make Korean fried rice cake

White noodle rice cake or milk cake: 400g, Mingtai fish head: 1, green squid fish: 6, mystic shrimp/small shrimp: 1 piece, fresh shiitake mushroom: 1 piece, onion: half, kelp: 1 piece, red bell pepper: 2 , Fish cake: 3 pieces, Garlic: 4, Scallion segment: 4, Onion: Half, Water: 2600cc, Salt: Moderate, Chili noodles: 18 spoons, Granulated sugar: 10 spoons, Syrup/sweet sugar: 8 spoons, Sake: 400g

How to make Korean fried rice cake-Make One Day
Step 1: The broth is the key to making fried rice cakes. Put the head of minnow, blue-scale fish, shrimp, soft mushrooms, garlic, shallots, onions, water, (anchovies, salt) into the pot, cook for 10 minutes on high heat and turn to low heat for 30 minutes and turn off the heat. Put 1 piece of kelp into the broth for 8 minutes to soak the flavor, then remove all the ingredients.
(The reason for putting kelp after turning off the fire is: the bitter taste of alginic acid will not be leached out)

How to make Korean fried rice cake-Make One Day
Step 2: Mix the sauce: 18 tablespoons of chili noodles, 10 tablespoons of sugar, 8 tablespoons of syrup/sweet sugar, 400g of sake, 2 red bell peppers into a juice (200cc); if in trouble, you can use Korean sweet and spicy sauce instead. But the taste may be bitter.

How to make Korean fried rice cake-Make One Day
Step 3: Simply clean the white flour rice cake and use it, don’t soak it in water for too long.
Turn on the fire, pour 1,000cc of broth and 400g of rice cake, and pour the sauce into the pot in order. The fire is boiled. When the rice cakes are exposed, turn to medium heat and put the fish cakes. Turn off the heat after 3 minutes and finish!

The remaining soup and soup can be processed as a soup and tasted delicious.