Healthy and nutritious shrimp wonton practice

[Materials] 150 grams of wheat flour, 20 prawns, 50 grams of pork filling, half a scallion, a little salt, a little water, 1 scallion, a little seaweed, a pinch of shrimp skin, a few drops of sesame oil

1. Pour the wheat-core wheat flour into a large bowl, pour cold water into the flour gradually, and stir it with chopsticks while pouring it into a flocculent shape; (the dough used to make wontons should not be too soft, the harder the dough, the easier it will be; if it is rolled by hand, the amount of water It is about 50% of the amount of flour. If it is pressed with a small household noodle press, the amount of water is about 45%;) Knead the dough into a dough without dry powder, cover it with plastic wrap or cover it for 20 minutes to moisturize;

2. When making the noodles, deal with the fillings: chop the green onions, put them in a small bowl, and soak in half a bowl of water; use green onion water to adjust the prawn and pork fillings, which will have the effect of removing fishy and fragrant; if the baby is older, accept it Green onions, can be directly mixed with chopped green onions;

3. Peel the prawns, remove the shrimp thread on the back and abdomen, put the prawns, pork filling, and a little salt into the cooking cup, then filter the green onion water into the cooking cup, and beat into a delicate meat;

4. Now knead the dough again to moisturize and soften it to make wonton wrappers and cut them into small pieces;

5. Now start to wrap wontons: take a small spoon and scoop an appropriate amount of filling and place it on the dough;

6. Gather all sides of the wrapper upwards, completely wrap the fillings in it, and pinch the dough to form a small pocket; this wonton saves time and trouble, the wrapping method is easy and free, no need to remember the folding formula, and no need to remember the folding formula. Wipe water

7. Boil a pot of water, put the wontons into the pot after the water is boiled, and cook them until they are all floating, then they can be taken out;

8. When cooking wontons, add a small amount of ingredients: put a few pieces of crushed seaweed and small shrimp skins in a bowl, then pour a few drops of vinegar, sesame sesame oil, and chopped green onions;

9. Scoop two spoons of water for cooking wontons into a bowl, and scald the seasonings to dissipate them; transfer the wontons into the bowl and stir for a few times;

Healthy and nutritious shrimp wonton practice-Make One Day

1. There is no small household noodle pressing machine, and the dough can also be rolled and cut by hand. The method is: evenly sprinkle an appropriate amount of flour on the chopping board, roll the dough into a large piece with a thickness of about 1 mm, sprinkle an appropriate amount of starch on the surface, and divide it into small pieces with a sharp knife;

2. The dough for making wontons must be harder. Although the dough will be a little tired when pressed or rolled, the finished wonton skins are firm, not deformed, and crystal clear; if the dough is too soft, it cannot be rolled and cut into ideal wontons. skin;

3. Frozen wontons can be packed in special dumpling boxes to prevent being crushed and the moisture in the dough evaporating, so that the frozen wontons will not crack or break when cooked.


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