How to make big wontons in chicken soup

The chicken soup is delicious and nutritious. If the whole chicken is used to make the soup and you can’t finish the whole meal, you can cut off the tender chicken breast and the piece of meat above the chicken thigh to wrap wontons, so that the soup is also drunk. The staple food is also eaten, the nutrition is not lost, and the taste is still comprehensive;

[Materials] 150g flour, chicken breast, chicken thigh, chicken broth, half a zucchini, 3 chives, 2g white pepper, appropriate amount of salt, several small rapeseed, appropriate amount of seaweed

1. Use cold water to knead the flour into a dough. Because the dough of wontons is thinner, the dough cannot be soft. The amount of water is about 55% of the amount of flour. The dough after kneading does not look so moisturized. It doesn’t matter, as long as there is no dry flour, it’s fine. After 15 minutes of re-rubbing the mask, it will be very moisturizing;

2. Right amount of chicken breast and chicken thighs, and the rest of the soup;

3. Cut the chicken into large pieces about 3 cm;

4. Put half a zucchini piece and chives into a meat grinder to make meat filling;

5. Pour the beaten chicken into a large bowl, sprinkle appropriate amount of salt, white pepper, and appropriate amount of cold water according to the taste to make a meat paste;

6. Put the good dough on the chopping board, roll it into a thick strip with a rolling pin, then press it into a thin wonton wrapper with a pasting machine, and cut it into cubes; in order to prevent the wonton wrapper from sticking together, sprinkle some starch, The anti-sticking effect is very good;

7. Take an appropriate amount of stuffing and place it on the skin, spread a little water around the stuffing, and hold it with your hands to form a small goldfish shape;

8. Bring the water to a boil, boil the right amount of wonton in the pot until it floats, the belly is bulging, and the dough is transparent, remove it;

9. Put an appropriate amount of seaweed in a large bowl, scoop half a bowl of chicken soup, add a little salt according to your taste, and add a few small rapeseed cores, the delicious and moist chicken soup and big wontons are ready, hurry up and have a bowl, how moist!

How to make big wontons in chicken soup-Make One Day


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