The practice of egg and shrimp skin cabbage wonton

[Materials] 1 egg, a pinch of shrimp skin, 1/4 cabbage, appropriate amount of seaweed, 2 scallions, 2 cilantro, a little oil, a little salt, a little light soy sauce, a little vinegar, a little Zhongjing chili oil, a proper amount of flour, and cold water Right amount

1. Add appropriate amount of flour and appropriate amount of cold water to knead into a moist and harder dough, cover with plastic wrap for more than 15 minutes before using;

2. Prepare the eggs, dried shrimp skins, and cabbage; tips for storing dried shrimp skins: buy fresh shrimp skins, clean them and then dry them, so that they will dry out after a long period of time;

3. The cabbage is shredded first, and then minced. You don’t need to add salt to kill the water, just use it directly;

4. Heat the pan with cold oil, first pour the egg liquid into the pan, quickly scatter it with chopsticks, so that the egg pieces are even and small, then pour the shrimp skin into the pan and fry it for a few times to produce a fragrance, turn off the heat;

5. After cooling, pour the chopped cabbage and the chopped green onions into the pot, add appropriate amount of salt, mix well and set aside;

6. Put the good dough on a kneading mat or chopping board, sprinkle a little flour, and roll it into thin noodles, use flour or starch to prevent staining, and cut into suitable noodles;

7. Take a piece of noodles and put an appropriate amount of stuffing in the middle;

8. Fold it in half, then roll it again, then pinch the two corners together, or wrap it in your favorite method;

9. The wrapped wontons are cooked in a pot of boiling water;

10. Tear the seaweed, finely chop the shallots and coriander, put it into a large bowl, pour some light soy sauce, vinegar, and put the cooked wonton and soup into the bowl. If you are particular about it, use chicken broth and bone broth to make it more fragrant!

The practice of egg and shrimp skin cabbage wonton-Make One Day

1. The dough should be hard not soft, and the water should be 50% of the flour; after rolling and cutting, be sure to sprinkle flour or starch to prevent adhesion;

2. The filling can be adjusted as you like.


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