How to make krill ravioli

[Materials] 250 grams of flour, 130 grams of cold water, 200 grams of Antarctic krill, 4 scallions, a little salt, a little olive oil

1. Put the flour and cold water into the bread bucket, start the bread machine and knead for 10 minutes; cover with a damp cloth and use it for 20 minutes;

2. Cut krill into fine pieces;

3. Add chopped shallots and a little salt to mix evenly. At this time, the shrimp has not completely defrosted. Let it stand for 5 minutes;

4. When the shrimps are all defrosted, pour a little olive oil, stir evenly and set aside;

5. Take out the dough and roll it into a thin, large piece. The thinner the dough, the better. Sprinkle flour or starch to prevent adhesion;

6. Use a knife to cut into squares of uniform size, and the very invisible leftovers can be gathered together and rolled into dough again;

7. Take a piece of dough, dip your fingers in cold water and draw a circle, and put an appropriate amount of krill filling on it;

8. After making the dough, let the dough with cold water stick together, and a small wonton is ready;

9. It can be boiled in water, or oil-free bone broth or chicken broth and duck soup; put it in a bowl and sprinkle a little chives or add seasonings according to taste.

How to make krill ravioli-Make One Day

1. Wonton wrapper dough should be hard rather than soft, it can be rolled out only after moisturizing, the thinner the better;

2. Don’t put soy sauce in the stuffing, so as not to cover the umami taste of the shrimp.


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