The practice of garlic lettuce recipe

[Materials] 1 pint of lettuce, 2 cloves of garlic, appropriate amount of olive oil, appropriate amount of salt

1. Wash the lettuce and drain the water;

2. Cut 2 cm in length;

3. Chop garlic and mince;

4. Pour an appropriate amount of olive oil into the wok;

5. Pour the oily lettuce into the pot after the oil is hot;

6. Stir fry a few times to soften slightly, add salt and stir fry evenly;

7. Pour the minced garlic before starting the pan and remove it from the pan.

The practice of garlic lettuce recipe-Make One Day

1. The lettuce is very tender and should not be fried for a long time. It will be served when it becomes slightly soft, and the taste is crisp;

2. Used to fry tempeh, it tastes good.


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