The recipe for black pearl meatballs

[Materials] 100 grams of purple glutinous rice, 10 shrimps, 80 grams of pork filling, 1 scallion, 1 gram of salt, 15 grams of light soy sauce, appropriate amount of water, a little chives

1. Put the purple glutinous rice into a large bowl. The amount in the picture is about 200 grams, but the actual amount is only 100 grams. The remaining purple glutinous rice can be stewed or porridge;

2. Wash the purple glutinous rice twice with clear water gently and quickly, and then soak the purple glutinous rice for several hours in clear water, preferably soaking it overnight;

3. This is the purple glutinous rice that has been completely soaked; drain the soaking water to save the stewed rice for porridge, because the water is rich in water-soluble vitamin B, vitamin K and some minerals;

4. Prepare all the ingredients for making black pearl balls: soaked purple glutinous rice, 10 shrimps, appropriate amount of pork filling, a slice of green onion, a little salt and light soy sauce;

5. Remove the heads and tails of the prawns, peel off the shells, pick out the intestines, and set aside the tails for decoration;

6. Put the shrimp, pork filling, green onion, shrimp and light soy sauce into the meat grinder;

7. Wring these materials into a puree, add some clean water in an appropriate amount, and no need to put starch or egg whites in the shrimp stuffing that is wringed;

8. Take an appropriate amount of shrimp meat into a ball, roll it in the purple glutinous rice a few times, and then press the purple glutinous rice firmly with your fingers;

9. Put the purple glutinous rice shrimp ball, which is the black pearl ball, on the plate, and then insert the shrimp tail on the top of the ball;

10. Steam the black pearl balls on a high fire and steam for 20 minutes; sprinkle a little chopped green onion on the black pearl balls for decoration after cooking. The chopped green onions and the red shrimp tails echo each other.

The recipe for black pearl meatballs-Make One Day

1. Purple glutinous rice has a hard texture and strong water absorption, so it must be fully soaked a few hours in advance to absorb enough water before use, so as to ensure that the steamed purple glutinous rice is soft and glutinous without a hard core;

2. The number of shrimps, the number and size of meatballs can be adjusted as you like; the ratio of shrimp to pork is also not fixed, the meat with shrimp has high protein content, and the taste is fresh and elastic. Don’t put shrimp or change to other Materials are also available;

3. The steaming time is adjusted according to the size and firepower of the balls.


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