How to cook eggplant recipes

[Materials] 1 round eggplant, 1 green pepper, half a carrot, 50 grams of ordinary flour, appropriate amount of vegetable oil, a little salt, 30 grams of soy sauce, 15 grams of oyster sauce, 50 grams of cold water, 5 cloves of garlic

1. Prepare the main ingredients: peel round eggplants, remove stems and seeds from green peppers, and peel carrots;

2. Cut green pepper into triangular pieces, or break it by hand, which is more conducive to the taste; slice carrots into thin slices, mince garlic;

3. Cut round eggplant into pieces with a hob, sprinkle a handful of flour directly on top, mix well with chopsticks, so that each piece of eggplant is dipped in flour;

4. Pour oil in the wok, fry the green peppers and carrot slices to discolor and serve;

5. Put the eggplant pieces into the pot and fry until they are soft. Stir fry from time to time to make them evenly heated, and gently press the eggplant pieces with a spatula to make the juice seep out, increase the moisture in the pot, and fry until the eggplant pieces A few focal edges appear;

6. When stir-frying eggplant, make a bowl of juice: salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, cold water, the ratio is not very fixed, adjust the amount of these seasonings according to your taste, and stir a few times with chopsticks;

7. The eggplant chunks become soft, and the burnt edges are very obvious, keep stirring;

8. Pour the green pepper and carrot slices back into the pot, sprinkle the garlic, and pour the juice into the bowl;

9. After mixing evenly, take it out of the pot, and the roasted eggplant that is fragrant and served with rice is ready, isn’t it simple?

How to cook eggplant recipes-Make One Day

1. Eggplant is easy to oxidize and turn brown after peeling and cutting, so don’t peel and cut it in advance, and do it before frying;

2. The amount of sauce can be adjusted according to the amount of dishes and personal taste. If you add some sugar and vinegar, it will become a sweet and sour eggplant, which is also a great meal;

3. The minced garlic is the essence of this dish, so don’t omit it.


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