How to make honey lotus root slices recipe

[Materials] 2 lotus roots, honey, white rice vinegar, a little salt, 3 dried red peppers

1. Wash the 2 lotus roots, scrape off the skin with a squeegee, and then rinse again; choose the lotus roots that are not exposed at both ends, and dirty water and dirt will not enter the eyes of the lotus root;

2. Place the lotus root on the chopping board and use a sharp knife to cut into slices about 1 mm thin, the thinner the better;

3. Wash the lotus root slices twice in a basin to wash off the starch on the surface and prevent oxidation and blackening;

4. The lotus root slices are boiled in a pot of boiling water to change color, remove them, and let them in cold water to keep the crispy and tender taste;

5. Put the lotus root slices in a basin, we don’t need sugar, we use honey to season it, you can do as much as you like, but I think it’s better to be sweeter, so that the lotus root slices can absorb enough flavor and enjoy it after eating;

6. Sprinkle a little more salt, there is a saying: If you want to be sweet, sprinkle a little salt; only with salt can the sweetness be better;

7. Pour some white rice vinegar. White vinegar can also be used, but the taste of white vinegar is stronger than that of white rice vinegar; do not use dark vinegar, which will affect the hue of lotus root slices;

8. Then cut the clean dried red pepper into silk and place it in the lotus root slices. At that time, there is no taste. Pickling for a while will not only bring the sweet and sour flavor into the lotus root slices, but the lotus root slices will become crispy and tender. . If you can’t eat spicy, you can shred the chili.

How to make honey lotus root slices recipe-Make One Day

1. The lotus root must be selected without openings at both ends to ensure that the inside is also white;

2. Do not use an iron pan for blanching lotus root slices, as it will turn the lotus root slices black.


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