How to cook alfalfa meat recipe

[Main ingredients] 2 eggs, 1 pork loin, 1 dried daylily, 1 black fungus, 1 cucumber, and half carrot

[Seasoning] A little starch, a little salt, a little chopped green onion, a little minced ginger, 20 grams of soy sauce

1. Prepare the main ingredients: soak dried daylily and black fungus in warm water in advance; cut the tenderloin into thin slices; wash the cucumber and carrot;

2. Put a little starch in the tenderloin, stir well and set aside;

3. Cut the soaked daylily into two pieces;

4. Black fungus blanched;

5. Mince scallions and mince ginger;

6. Pour oil in the wok, when the oil temperature reaches 70 to 80% hot, pour the beaten egg liquid into the pan, shape it slightly and break it into large pieces with a spatula, then pour the chopped green onion and ginger into the pan and stir fry A few clicks to stimulate the fragrance; the egg is ready for use;

7. Pour a proper amount of oil in the same pot. The pot is hot and the oil is cold. Hurry up and pour the meat slices into the pot. Use a spatula to quickly scatter them. After the color changes, pour in a proper amount of soy sauce;

8. Pour the dried day lily and black fungus into the pot. These two kinds of dried vegetables are more oily. Fry them first to absorb the gravy oil;

9. Pour unripe carrot slices into the pan and stir-fry for half a minute;

10. Finally, pour the cucumber slices and the fried egg cubes into the pan, sprinkle salt according to the taste, stir fry evenly, and take it out of the pan.

How to cook alfalfa meat recipe-Make One Day

1. The eggs are fried and served for later use, which can make the color golden and the taste more tender;

2. Fresh day lily should not be used in this dish. You must eat the dried day lily that has been soaked to make it chewy.


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