How to make steamed buns with mushrooms, eggs and vegetables

[Materials] 200 grams of all-purpose flour, 10 grams of white sugar for flour, 2 grams of active dry yeast, 110 grams of warm water for flour, 4 eggs, 8 fresh mushrooms, 6 canola, appropriate amount of green onion, 30 grams of oil, 3 grams of salt, and sesame seeds 15 grams of sesame oil

1. Pour 200 grams of flour into the basin, put 10 grams of sugar and 2 grams of dry yeast into the basin, stir evenly with chopsticks, pour in warm water, and stir into a floc;

2. Knead into a smoother dough with your hands, put it in the plastic wrap and let it stand at room temperature for 30 minutes;

3. Boil the cleaned rapeseed in a pot of boiling water for 10 seconds. After the color changes, remove the shower water; put a few drops of vegetable oil in the pot before blanching the vegetables to keep the leaves green, and flushing to make the rapeseeds not yellow;

4. Pour oil in the wok, heat the pan with cool oil, pour the beaten egg liquid into the pot, stir constantly with chopsticks, the egg liquid will be heated to solidify and be beaten into small pieces, turn off the heat;

5. Put the chopped green onions into the pot and stir evenly; let the chopped eggs cool before use;

6. Remove the rapeseed from cold water, squeeze dry water, and chop;

7. Clean the shiitake mushrooms and cut into small cubes;

8. Add the powdered rapeseed and diced mushrooms to the minced eggs, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt, and then pour an appropriate amount of sesame oil;

9. Several materials are mixed evenly, although it is a vegetarian filling, it looks very fragrant;

How to make steamed buns with mushrooms, eggs and vegetables-Make One Day

10. The dough is twice as large as the original. Dip a little flour with your fingers and poke a hole on the top of the dough without collapsing or shrinking, and it has a slightly fermented sour taste;

11. Lift up the dough, with slender wire drawing and even pores at the bottom;

12. Pour the dough on the chopping board, grab 2 and sprinkle the flour on the chopping board, knead the flour into the dough a little harder, make the dough as smooth and delicate as when it is not fermented, this is also the key to steaming a soft and smooth bun skin ; This process takes 3 minutes;

13. Knead the dough into a long strip, the thickness can be adjusted according to the size of the bun you like;

14. Cut the noodles into uniform size and roll them into round crusts with a thicker middle and thinner edges;

15. Take appropriate amount of fillings and put it on the round crust;

16. Make buns according to our own methods. Although we don’t have the skills of a restaurant chef, the white buns are already very attractive.

17. The wrapped buns are placed in a steamer covered with a cloth, covered with a lid, and the second fermentation is 20 minutes. The surface of the buns is smoother than before and can be steamed. The time of the second fermentation depends on different seasons and different seasons. Various factors such as room temperature and humidity can be adjusted, as long as the buns are slightly larger and rounder than before;

18. After steaming on a high fire, steam for 8 minutes to get out of the pot. In order to eat the steamed buns as soon as possible, there is no need to simmer them for 5 minutes. The following method can make the buns out of the pot quickly and still have a smooth skin: Lift a seam on the pot for 2 seconds. When the hot air in the pot is released, quickly close the lid for 1 second, and then lift the lid to deflate for 2 seconds; this action lasts 3 times in total, that is, 3 lifts and 3 releases;

19. The white and fat buns are sassy and soft, and look no worse than the appearance in the store outside;

How to make steamed buns with mushrooms, eggs and vegetables-Make One Day

1. The procedure for making this egg, mushroom, rapeseed steamed bun is specially prepared for breakfast. When making it as a daily steamed bun, you can omit the procedure of putting it in the refrigerator and leave the dough and make the filling directly at room temperature. ; If you feel that the steaming time in the morning is a bit busy, you can steam it the night before and return to the pot and heat it for 5 minutes in the next morning.

2. The amount of dry yeast is 1%-3% of the amount of flour. If the amount of yeast is too much, the sweet wheat aroma will be suppressed due to the excessive yeast taste.


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