The practice of steamed buns with spring bamboo shoots sauce

[Leather] 500g all-purpose flour, 5g dry yeast, 10g sugar, 290g warm water

[Filling] 1.5 spring bamboo shoots, 500 grams of pork belly, 1 bowl of soaked black fungus, moderate amount of oil, 3 spoons of soybean paste, 3 spoons of sweet noodle sauce, a little salt, a little soy sauce, 3 green onions, a little starch

1. Put flour, dry yeast, a little sugar, and warm water into a basin, stir into a flocculent shape, and knead it into a smoother dough; put the Mongolian plastic wrap on a warm and moist place for basic fermentation;

2. When fermenting the dough, take care of the filling: more pork belly, fresh spring bamboo shoots, peeled and removed the old roots, boiled in light salt water for 5 minutes and then placed in cold water; the soaked black fungus can be left, and more scallions;

3. Peel the pork belly, cut into 1 cm-sized cubes, add a little starch to the lean meat, and stir well, so that the fried cubes will have a particularly tender texture, with a delicious outer layer and tender and juicy inside;

4. Slice the spring bamboo shoots first, then dice, the size is about the size of pomegranate seeds, mince green onions, mince black fungus;

5. Soybean paste and sweet noodle paste are ready;

6. Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the wok. When the oil is 50% hot, put the diced pork and 1/4 shallots into the wok and stir-fry on low heat to get the fat;

7. Pour the lean diced pork into the pot and stir fry until the surface of the diced pork turns white and the inside is not cooked;

8. Pour the diced bamboo shoots and the chopped fungus into the pot and stir fry; the diced bamboo shoots are especially oily. When they are put into the pot, almost all the oil in the pot is gone;

9. Find a small spoon for eating, put the soy bean paste and sweet noodle sauce in a 1:1 ratio of the bamboo shoots and meat filling pot; I have more fillings, and I put 3 spoons each;

The practice of steamed buns with spring bamboo shoots sauce-Make One Day

10. Use a spatula to quickly mix the sauce into the vegetable ingredients, taste the saltiness, and then sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt and soy sauce. If you don’t want a darker color, don’t put the soy sauce;

11. Turn off the heat, pour the chopped green onions into the pot and mix evenly. At this time, when the filling is braised, there is no soup at the bottom of the pot, only a little oil oozes out; the filling can be eaten directly at this time, bibimbap noodles The buns and flatbreads are very fragrant. I can’t help but take a few bites. They are too fragrant; let the fillings cool and use them;

12. The made dough is 2-2.5 times the original size. Dip your fingers in flour and poke a hole on the top of the dough without collapsing or shrinking;

13. Lift the dough, the bottom is finely structured, full of pores, and has a slightly fermented sour taste;

14. Sprinkle two handfuls of flour on the chopping board (outside the weight), put the dough on the chopping board and knead it hard for 5 minutes. The dough is soft, smooth and shiny. Cut the dough and there are no obvious pores in the section;

15. Knead the dough into strips, and then cut them into even-sized agents;

16. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of flour, flatten the agent, and roll it into a round crust with a slightly thinner edge and a thicker middle;

17. Scoop an appropriate amount of spring bamboo shoots sauce and minced meat in the middle of the skin, depending on how you do it;

18. Make buns according to your favorite method;

19. Put the wrapped buns in a steamer with a steaming cloth or mat. Cover the lid and ferment for 15-30 minutes. The buns are rounder than before. Steam for 12-15 minutes after the steaming process. Adjust the time according to the size of the buns. ; After steaming, simmer for 5 minutes and then out of the pot, the skin of the buns is smooth and does not shrink.

The practice of steamed buns with spring bamboo shoots sauce-Make One Day

1. The finishing touches in the filling of the soy pork buns are soybean paste and sweet noodle paste. Substitution with soy sauce does not have this flavor; two kinds of sauces can be easily bought in supermarkets; two kinds of sauces are available at 1:1, and the amount depends on the filling. Adjust the amount of ingredients and tastes you like;

2. Low-gluten flour, medium-gluten flour, or high-gluten flour can be used for bun noodles. As long as the fermentation is in place, the dough is kneaded in place after fermentation, and the buns are loosened in place after the buns are packaged, they can be steamed into a soft and moist bun;

3. The spring bamboo shoots in the filling can be adjusted according to the seasons of the year, such as eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, etc.


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