The practice of pork and carrot buns

[Materials] 500 grams of pork filling, 8 carrots, 1000 grams of flour, 10 grams of yeast, about 600 grams of cold water for flour, appropriate amount of oil, appropriate amount of soy sauce, appropriate amount of salt

1. Add the flour with yeast and cold water, and put them in the basin; all-purpose flour can be used for flour, the amount of yeast is 1-2% of the amount of flour, warm water in winter, and cold water in warm weather, the amount of water is 55-60% of the amount of flour;

2. Knead into a smoother dough, take the dough out and put it in a large crisper, and place it in a warm place for basic fermentation;

3. Peel off the outer skin of the carrot and clean it, rub the thick wire, not too thin, it will become muddy after being cooked;

4. If the polished silk is too long, you can cut it with a few cuts to make it shorter;

5. The pork filling is ready, preferably with a little fat; carrots are rich in carotene, which is fat-soluble, and can be converted into vitamin A when combined with oil, which is very good for the eyes;

6. Pour a little oil in the wok, fry the meat fillings, add appropriate amount of soy sauce and salt, so that the processed meat fillings are very fragrant, without any fishy smell;

7. Pour the carrots into the meat filling and stir fry for a minute to make the carrots slightly soft and turn off the heat, do not fry them; if you don’t fry them, the short and thick carrot shreds will not only loosen the filling, but also inadvertently. The buns are pierced and the soup leaks as soon as it is steamed

8. Take out the double-fermented dough and place it on the chopping board, sprinkle an appropriate amount of flour and knead into long strips, cut into uniform size, and roll out into a round crust with a thicker middle and a thinner edge;

9. Put a proper amount of stuffing on the round skin and wrap it into a chubby bun; put it in a steamer for 20 minutes after all the stuffing is wrapped, and steam for 10-20 minutes after a high fire. The time is determined according to the size of the bun; simmer for 5 minutes before serving. The skin of the pan and bun is smooth and does not shrink.

The practice of pork and carrot buns-Make One Day

1. Adding a little sugar when kneading the dough can provide nourishment to the yeast, which will make it better;

2. Carrots come in yellow, orange, purple and other colors, and their nutritional value is the same; mixed with oil can fully convert carotene into vitamin A, but carrots should not be consumed in excess every day, 200 grams per person per day is appropriate, more Eating will turn the skin into carrot color;

3. The meat filling will not have a fishy smell after being fried, and the meat is rich in flavor. All the radish fillings can be operated in this way and it is very delicious.


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