Simple French grilled lamb chops

Lamb is tender, juicy, and nutritious. Whether it is a Chinese-style grilled lamb chop or a Western-style grilled lamb chop, each has its own characteristics, but it does not block its own delicacy. This grilled French lamb chop is simple, and the highlight is the delicious flavor of the lamb chop itself.

【Materials】500g French lamb chops

[Seasoning] appropriate amount of black pepper, 1 sprig of rosemary, appropriate amount of salt

【Temperature】Fire up and down at 200 degrees, 15 minutes

【Production process】

1. Defrost lamb chops naturally;

Simple French grilled lamb chops-Make One Day

2. Sprinkle a little salt and black pepper on both sides, pinch small pieces of fresh rosemary between the meat, marinate in plastic wrap for 30 minutes;

Simple French grilled lamb chops-Make One Day

3. Spread tin foil on the baking tray and place the lamb chops on it; at the same time, the oven starts to preheat, and the upper and lower heat is 200 degrees;

Simple French grilled lamb chops-Make One Day

4. Put the lamb chops into the middle layer of the preheated oven, I use the “steam and roast” function, 200 degrees, 15 minutes; the oven without steaming function can choose the baking function; if there is no oven, use the flat bottom frying Pan frying and frying is also good;

Simple French grilled lamb chops-Make One Day

5. After the oven is out, put the lamb chops on a plate, and grind a little black pepper and sea salt; the grilled lamb soup is very delicious, don’t waste it!

Simple French grilled lamb chops-Make One Day

1. French lamb chops are the tenderloin and ribs, the meat is tender, and there is some fat, which can be fried or grilled;

2. French lamb chops are tender and juicy, so whether they are grilled or fried, the time should not be too long, so as not to affect the texture of the meat;

3. There is no need for much seasoning, black pepper and salt are sufficient.


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