How to make a strawberry mug

[Materials] Cake scraps, whipped cream, dark chocolate chips, chocolate sandwich biscuit sticks, strawberries

1. The cake leftovers are divided into small pieces, evaporate the water vapor at room temperature, dry and better use; dark chocolate chips and whipped cream are ready; dark chocolate chips are scraped out with a scraper, and the fine sugar in the whipped cream is About 10% of the weight of whipped cream;

2. Crush the cake pieces and knead them into granules. If you want a rough texture, you can use it directly. If you want a fine texture, go through a sieve;

3. Put the whipped cream into the piping bag. In order to prevent the cream from being squeezed out, do not cut the opening at the front end;

4. Spread the cake residues in the cup with a small spoon, then squeeze a circle of light cream until the top of the cup; scrape the top with a spatula or spatula;

5. Sprinkle chocolate crumbs on the surface, then insert biscuit sticks and strawberries for decoration.

How to make a strawberry mug-Make One Day


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