How to make durian layer cake

[Materials] 250g pancake mix powder, 335g milk, 335g eggs (6 pieces), 35g butter, 35g milk powder; 260g durian, 520g light cream, 20g white sugar for cream

1. Prepare the ingredients for the melaleuca. There are 5 eggs in the picture, but 6 are actually used. It is best to weigh them according to the formula table, because the eggs are large and small; milk can be replaced with cold water; butter can be put in a small bowl, Melt in water for use;

2. Break the eggs into the milk, 6 eggs are exactly 335 grams, which is a coincidence;

3. Use a manual whisk to fully mix the eggs and milk, do not beat too hard, there will be a lot of foam;

4. Pour the milk powder and pancake powder into the egg milk melt;

5. Use a manual whisk to mix evenly;

6. Take a small sieve, scoop up the paste and sieve;

7. After the batter is sifted, it is very smooth and delicate, pour the melted butter liquid into the batter;

8. Use a manual whisk to mix evenly again, so that all the butter is eaten into the batter without separation;

How to make durian layer cake-Make One Day

9. Now it’s time to make the pie crust; it’s best to use an electric ceramic stove like an induction cooker. The heating is more even than an open flame, and the fire power is easy to control; scoop 1 spoon of batter in the pot, turn it to spread the batter evenly on the bottom of the pot, electric pottery The temperature of the oven is 160 degrees, and the dough will bubble up very quickly;

10. Put the pan down and place it on a damp cloth to cool down. Wait a few seconds. If you are not afraid of being hot, lift the edge of the cake directly. Look, the cake crust is very elastic; because there is butter in the batter, there is no need to put it in the pan. After oiling the inside and controlling the firepower, the pie will burn more and more beautifully;

11. Stack the baked crusts one by one, without putting any anti-sticking paper in the middle, even if you stack a large stack, each piece will not stick;

12. Refrigerate the whipped cream and durian for more than 8 hours. Beat the durian meat into the whipped cream, so the dosage is half of the whipped cream. (Do not use Nestle’s whipped cream, which is not strong, which will affect the layer cake. Effect;) Add 20 grams of sugar to 520 grams of whipped cream, beat until firm, and then pour the durian meat crushed with a small spoon into the whipped cream;

13. Beat a few more times with an electric whisk, and mix well;

14. Take a large plate and place it on the mounting table, spread a cake crust on the plate, and spread a layer of butter durian on it, as evenly as possible, and then cover a cake crust and stack them in this order;

15. Until all the whipped cream is used up, there is no need to decorate the surface, cover it with plastic wrap, and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.


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