Tomahawk tender grilled steak practice

[Main ingredients] 1 Tomahawk steak, half potato, half onion

[Seasoning] 10 grams of olive oil, 2 grams of salt, appropriate amount of crushed black pepper

[Baking] Heat up and down at 200 degrees for 20 minutes

【Production process】

1. Take out the Tomahawk steak 6 hours in advance and thaw it at room temperature; you can also put it in the refrigerator 24 hours in advance to thaw; it is hot now, closely observe the thawing of the steak, do not leave the steak at room temperature after thawing, which will cause Excessive loss of internal juice;

Tomahawk tender grilled steak practice-Make One Day

2. Spread the Tomahawk steak in two with a little salt and black pepper, and then a little olive oil to seal it; I only marinated it for 10 minutes;

Tomahawk tender grilled steak practice-Make One Day

3. Cut the peeled potatoes into hob pieces, and cut the onions into diamond-shaped pieces; add a little salt, chopped black pepper, and olive oil and mix well;

Tomahawk tender grilled steak practice-Make One Day

4. Tomahawk steak is relatively large and can’t fit in a normal frying pan, so I use the oven to bake it; spread tin foil on the baking tray in advance, put the Tomahawk steak on top, and put potatoes and onions on one side; Heat 200 degrees;

Tomahawk tender grilled steak practice-Make One Day

5. Put the steak into the middle layer of the pre-heated oven, heat up and down at 200 degrees, and bake for 20 minutes; the “steam and grill” function of the steam oven I use can make the steak tender and not dry;

Tomahawk tender grilled steak practice-Make One Day

6. The grilled steak is fragrant, and the broth from the grill is poured into a small bowl. Soaked rice is a perfect match; the steak is cut into pieces, and the taste is not enough. Then grind some black pepper and sea salt, which is delicious.

Tomahawk tender grilled steak practice-Make One Day

1. The steak is grilled and grilled at will. We don’t usually have such a big pot or grill. You can use an oven. As long as it is grilled enough, the steak is not burnt as it is fried, but it is still delicious;

2. The side dishes are not fixed, because the steak has no other flavor, so the side dishes on the same plate are mainly light.


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