How to make rice bread

[Materials] 200g rice bread flour, 1g dry yeast, 2g salt, 134g cold water, 12g caster sugar, 26g eggs, 26g butter

Highlights: Once fermented, crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside

1. All ingredients are ready: rice bread flour, dry yeast, salt, fine sugar, egg liquid, cold water, butter;

2. Put all the ingredients except butter into the bread bucket and knead the dough for 10 minutes;

3. After the dough is formed and the thick film can be pulled out, put the butter in the dough and knead for 15 minutes;

4. The dough can be gently pulled out of this elastic film, hand poke the hole, the edge is small jagged; the dough is placed in the bucket to relax for 5 minutes;

5. Weigh the dough into 4 equal parts, shape it slightly, buckle the box and relax for 10 minutes;

6. Take the loose dough, beat it into an oval shape, and fold it up and down;

7. Turn over and roll to make the joints stick together. Sprinkle a little rice bread flour on the non-stick baking pan. Place each dough on top after each roll. Put it all at once and don’t move it randomly; you can put it in the oven. Natural fermentation

8. When the dough is twice the original size, the oven starts to preheat 210 degrees; at the same time, sieve a little rice bread flour on the surface of the dough, and then cut the pattern at will; the rice bread flour is more absorbent, and the surface of the green dough It is very moist and bright, and the sieved powder will be absorbed quickly, so you can sift more;

9. Put the dough into the middle or lower middle of the preheated oven, heat up to 200 degrees, lower the heat to 210 degrees, 20 minutes; after the oven is transferred to the drying rack, sliced ​​and eaten, the outside is crispy, the inside is soft and stranded The aroma of rice.

How to make rice bread-Make One Day


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