Home tutorial for houttuynia cordata salad recipe

[Main Ingredients] 1 piece of Houttuynia cordata (Fructus Root), 1 piece of screw pepper, 1 piece of carrot, 2 pieces of coriander

[Seasoning] 1 spoon of sesame chili oil, appropriate amount of light soy sauce, appropriate amount of rice vinegar, 1 gram of salt

1. Remove the small beards of Houttuynia cordata and clean it;

2. The screw pepper is hotter, adjust the amount by yourself; clean the coriander and scrape the outer skin of the carrot;

3. Cut Houttuynia cordata into 2 finger-wide sections;

4. Cut the pepper into thin strips, the carrot into thin strips, and the coriander into inch pieces;

5. Put the houttuynia cordata, chili shreds, carrot shreds, and coriander shreds into the same bowl, and pour an appropriate amount of rice vinegar; the rice vinegar has a sweet taste and is very suitable for cold dishes. Because there are more vegetables, you can put more rice vinegar. After the ingredients have absorbed enough vinegar, the taste becomes more crisp and delicious;

6. Pour in the right amount of light soy sauce, a little salt, and if you like it hotter, you can put a spoonful of sesame chili oil, which is more complex with the green chili pepper. It can be eaten after mixing well. If marinated for about 30 minutes, the ingredients will fully absorb the taste of light soy sauce and vinegar, and the taste will be better.

Home tutorial for houttuynia cordata salad recipe-Make One Day


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