Family Practice of Stir-fried Beef with Two-color Chili

[Materials] 200g beef, half red pepper, half yellow pepper, a few leeks, vegetable oil, a little salt, a little cooking wine, 1 tsp starch, a little soy sauce

1. Wash the beef and cut off the fascia;

2. Cut the shredded pork horizontally into thin slices;

3. Put the beef slices in a bowl, put a little starch, cooking wine, and salt, mix well, and marinate for 10 minutes to taste;

4. Clean the red peppers, yellow peppers and leeks;

5. Cut the red and yellow peppers into small pieces, and cut the leeks into sections;

6. Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the wok. When the oil temperature is 60% hot, pour in the colored pepper cubes, add salt and fry for 1 minute, set aside;

7. Pour a little oil in the pot again. When the oil is slightly hot, pour in the beef slices, medium and low heat, and the beef is quickly scattered;

8. Turn to high heat, stir-fry the beef to change its color, then pour in an appropriate amount of soy sauce to color;

9. Pour all the colored peppers and leeks into the pot, mix them evenly, and take them out of the pot.

Family Practice of Stir-fried Beef with Two-color Chili-Make One Day


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