Family practice of roasting eggplant with minced meat

[Materials] A few long purple eggplants, some meat filling, a few garlic sprouts, a little oil, a little salt, a little soy sauce, 4 cloves of garlic, a little chopped green onion

1. Cut garlic sprouts into inch sections;

2. The eggplant is torn into long strips by hand and it is irregular and easy to taste;

3. Pour a proper amount of oil in the wok, the oil is about 80% hot, put the eggplant strips into the pan, and then sprinkle salt;

4. Stir-fry constantly and press the eggplant sticks moderately to promote more eggplant juice. Pour the garlic sprouts into the pot until most of the eggplant sticks become transparent and the garlic sprouts also become oily green and fragrant. use;

5. Pour a little oil in the wok, without the need to heat the oil, just pour the meat into the pan and stir fry. After the oil is out, pour some soy sauce and sprinkle with minced garlic and green onion;

6. Pour the eggplant strips and garlic sprouts back into the pot, stir fry evenly, taste the saltiness, add salt as appropriate.

Family practice of roasting eggplant with minced meat-Make One Day


I am yababa. I used to be a math teacher, and now I am a housewife who loves the kitchen. In the days of dealing with delicious food, my heart has become more gentle, and I feel more and more that "accompanying family" is the most beautiful and most important thing in the world. In this, I will share some of the process of making delicious food from time to time.

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