Family practice of vegetarian fried peanut sprouts

[Materials] 250 grams of peanut buds, 3 green garlic, half a carrot, a little oil, a little soy sauce, a little oyster sauce, a little salt, and a little hot water

1. Clean the peanut buds;

2. Clean the green garlic, especially the soil at the bottom of the leaves. Be sure to break it and wash it thoroughly; remove the outer skin of carrots and rinse;

3. Remove the red coat of the peanut buds and cut into inch sections;

4. Cut the green garlic into sections diagonally, and cut the carrot into thin strips;

5. Warm oil in a pan, put the peanut sprouts and carrot shreds into the pan and stir-fry, add a little salt and fry until soft; peanuts are not easy to cook, so pour a little hot water and stir-fry until they are broken;

6. Pour a little soy sauce and oyster sauce and stir evenly, sprinkle the green garlic into the pot, stir and change color to get out of the pot.

Family practice of vegetarian fried peanut sprouts-Make One Day


I am yababa. I used to be a math teacher, and now I am a housewife who loves the kitchen. In the days of dealing with delicious food, my heart has become more gentle, and I feel more and more that "accompanying family" is the most beautiful and most important thing in the world. In this, I will share some of the process of making delicious food from time to time.

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