Family Practice of Pickled Pepper Chicken Wings

This chicken wing is inspired by pickled pepper chicken feet. Although the chicken feet with pickled peppers do not have a few bites of meat, they are fascinating because of the crispy and slightly spicy skin. Braised fried barbecue chicken wings are tired, pickled pepper chicken wings are more suitable for summer!

[Materials] 12 chicken wings, appropriate amount of pickled pepper, appropriate amount of pickled pepper water, 4 grams of salt, appropriate amount of cold boiled water, 20 ml of white vinegar, 1 piece of ginger, appropriate amount of rice wine

1. Clean the chicken wings and adjust the quantity according to the consumption;

2. Put the chicken wings in a pot of cold water, add a few slices of ginger, pour about 30 grams of rice wine, turn to a low heat and simmer for 20 minutes; don’t waste the chicken soup, pour out the soup and cook the noodles;

3. Put the chicken wings under the faucet and rinse them carefully with cold water. Do not directly wash the skin. It will be unsightly if the surface is broken. You can feel the whole chicken wings are cold with your hands until the surface becomes a little bit Q. The water is very precious, the most It’s easy to use a basin to cook soup, noodles, and stewed rice;

4. Take appropriate amount of pickled pepper and pickled pepper water into the fresh-keeping box, add appropriate amount of cold boiled water or purified water, salt, and a little white vinegar, and mix well; white vinegar can make the skin of chicken wings more elastic and unique in flavor;

5. Put the chicken wings in the pickled pepper water, cover the lid, and put it in the refrigerator overnight. It will be cool and tasty when you eat, and it will match the pickled pepper chicken feet.

Family Practice of Pickled Pepper Chicken Wings-Make One Day


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