Simple recipe of delicious lamb stew

1. What delicious lamb stew

White radish lamb:
Wash the mutton pieces, boil them in a cold water, and then pick up the white radishes. Cut the ginger slices and spicy peels and wash them.

Heat the oil in a hot pot, stir the lamb in 70% of the oil and stir out the water. Add the old and stir-fry evenly. Add ginger, peppercorns, fennel and grass fruit to stir up the aroma.

Add water and bring to a boil, turn to medium and low for about 40 minutes, add white radish and stir-fry evenly.

Add salt, then cook until the lamb and radish are cooked through, about 20 minutes, add MSG and stir-fry evenly to collect the juice.

This lamb stew is delicious and classic.

2. Eat foods that cannot be matched with lamb
After eating lamb, everyone should try not to eat seafood, especially conch, because eating seafood after eating lamb can easily cause diarrhea, and even serious people may even go to the hospital. After eating mutton, it is best not to eat watermelon, because eating watermelon will cause serious injury.

Under normal circumstances, we can drink tea after eating. After drinking tea, it can also play a role in eliminating greasy and fat, but if we eat lamb, it is best not to drink tea, because after eating lamb Drinking tea is very prone to constipation. In addition, mutton cannot be eaten together with lily, if eaten together with lily, it is easy to cause diarrhea.

3. Can you eat lamb if you cough?
Meat is one of many people’s favorite foods, especially in autumn and winter. However, it should be noted that mutton is one of the hot foods, and people with symptoms of fever such as coughing should eat less or not. This is conducive to the recovery and recovery of the disease. Patients should keep in mind.

How to avoid getting hot when eating lamb hot pot
1. Pay attention to the consumption and frequency

Generally speaking, it can be eaten once a week or two. Some people have a peaceful body, and even feel that their body is cold, and they will not get hot as many times as they eat.In fact, as long as you eat hot pot for three consecutive days, you will find gum swelling, toothache, mouth Ulcers, small pimples on the face, acne. Chinese medicine believes that this is due to improper diet, which causes the stomach and large intestine to heat up, the heat evil attacking the lungs, the lung heat attacking the face, and the complex feeling evil poison.

2. The collocation of ingredients and meat should be reasonable

The principle of meat and vegetables should be followed. The ratio of about 1 serving of protein food with 2 to 3 servings of vegetables. In the choice of ingredients, you can choose more warm and peaceful food, with a small amount of cold food. If you eat spicy hot pot, the heat is too large, you can increase the proportion of cold foods properly, so that the combination can be both nourishing and cold without getting hot.

3. Eat more cold vegetables

The mutton is warm and easy to get angry if you eat too much. Chinese medicine pays attention to the “heat is cold” diet method. It is best to mix cold and sweet vegetables with lamb. The cold vegetables include winter melon, loofah, rapeseed, spinach, cabbage, enoki mushroom, mushroom, lotus root, wild rice, Bamboo shoots, Chinese cabbage, etc., and sweet potatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. are sweet vegetables.

What are the benefits of eating lamb in winter
1. Warm up and keep warm

The weather in winter is cold, and mutton is a typical hot food. This kind of food contains more heat. It has the effect of warming up and expelling cold in winter. It can help consumers resist the cold.

2. Blood circulation

The weather is cold in winter, and many people will have cold hands and feet.Serious people will also develop frostbite.The mutton is hot, which can warm up and promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism. Has a certain role in promoting the synthesis of red blood cells.

3. Lose weight

Lamb is high in protein and rich in vitamins. But its fat melting point is 47 degrees, and the human body temperature is 37 degrees. After eating, it only absorbs nutrients instead of fat, so it is not easy to gain weight.

4. Enhance immunity

Lamb is rich in nutrients, especially the protein content is very high, eating can provide the body with sufficient sources of amino acids, promote the synthesis of its own protein, enhance immunity, eating in winter can reduce many diseases.

5. Kidney and impotence

Lamb is rich in nutrients, and has the functions of nourishing the kidney and aphrodisiac, and replenishing the deficiency and temperature. In addition, the winter climate is cold, and it is not easy to get angry when eating lamb.

6. Spleen strengthening and digestion

Eating mutton can warm the stomach. Eating mutton in winter can increase digestive enzymes, protect the stomach wall, repair the gastric mucosa, and help digestion.


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