Fried celery delicious simple recipe

1. What is delicious celery fried
Celery fried squid or octopus is delicious.

You can also fry it with fragrant dried rice, you can also fry it with garlic leaves, vermicelli and tofu foam. It tastes very good.

You can also fry the sliced ​​pork and shredded pork directly.

You can also cool it, boil the water, celery and cook for one minute. Adjust it with the fungus (the fungus is soaked in water, you need to wash it and remove the fungus head), add a little salt, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, chicken essence list, Taste enough. Nutrition is not easy to lose.

2. How to choose celery
1.1, look

When buying celery, the stalks should not be too long, 20-30 cm is suitable, short and sturdy is better, the leaves should be green and not yellow.

1.2, look at the leaves

Fresh celery leaves are straight, while celery that has been stored for a long time, the tip of the leaves will curl up, the leaves will be soft, and even yellow and rusty. In addition, celery with thick green leaves should not be bought, because it has a lot of crude fiber and has an old taste.

1.3. Identify the type

There are four main types of celery on the market, namely green celery, yellow heart celery, white celery and American celery. Generally, green celery has a strong flavor; yellow celery has a strong and tender flavor; white celery has a light flavor and is not crisp; Choose according to your needs.

3. Is it impotent for men to eat celery often?
In general, celery may affect the normal fertility of men. Eating too much celery may cause some problems in male fertility.For example, it may cause poor sperm quality or a relatively small number of sperm, but things generally do not cause men to appear. Symptoms of impotence.

The effect of celery
1. The leaves and stems of celery contain volatile substances and have a unique aroma, which can enhance people’s appetite. Celery juice also has a hypoglycemic effect. Eating celery often can neutralize uric acid and acidic substances in the body, and has a good effect on preventing gout.

2. Celery is the first choice for adjuvant treatment of hypertension and its complications. For patients with arteriosclerosis and neurasthenia, it also has adjuvant therapy.

3. Celery contains diuretic active ingredients, eliminating sodium retention in the body, diuresis and swelling. Clinically, decoction with celery can treat chyluria.

4. Celery is a high-fiber food that has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. It produces a lignin or intestinal fat substance through intestinal digestion. This kind of substance is an antioxidant that can inhibit intestinal bacteria at high concentrations. Carcinogens produced.

5. Celery has a high iron content and can supplement women’s menstrual blood loss. It is a good vegetable for patients with iron-deficiency anemia. Eating celery can avoid pale, dry skin, and lack of complexion, and can make eyes look bright and black hair.

6. An alkaline component isolated from celery seeds has a sedative effect on animals and calms the human body, which helps to calm the mood and eliminate irritability.

7. Celery has an antihypertensive effect on the liver, mainly because celery contains acidic antihypertensive ingredients, which are clinically effective for primary, pregnancy and climacteric hypertension.

Celery taboo
1.People with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat celery. Celery is good but not suitable for everyone.It is cold in nature and can slide the bowel. Those who usually have spleen and stomach deficiency and diarrhea will not eat celery, otherwise they will The worsening of the body’s adverse symptoms is not conducive to recovery.

2. People with low blood pressure should not eat celery It is well known that celery is a dish that can lower blood pressure.People with low blood pressure usually will have lower blood pressure after eating celery, and there will be many adverse symptoms such as dizziness and weakness. Poor health.

3. Don’t put vinegar when you eat celery. Celery and vinegar should not be eaten together, because vinegar has a lot of acidic ingredients. When it is eaten together with celery, it will accelerate the decomposition of calcium in the human body, which is easy to cause damage to human teeth. It can also cause various symptoms of calcium deficiency.

4. Celery can not be eaten with clams. Celery and clams cannot be eaten together. It is also the most people should pay attention to when eating celery. The two are two kinds of edible food. You need to get medical treatment.


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