How long does it take to stew radish soup

1. How long will the radish stew be stewed?
The radish tastes sweet, spicy, crisp and juicy, and there are many ways to eat it, such as radish fish head soup, radish fried lean meat, hot and sour radish skin, etc. As the saying goes: “eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer”, it can be seen that radish is rich in nutrition . Generally speaking, radish can be stewed for 20 ~ 30 minutes. Stewing for too long will destroy nutrients and affect the taste.

2. What are the disadvantages of eating too much radish
Eating too many radishes will also cause some harm to the human body. Eating too many radishes may cause flatulence, and it may also cause some diseases or uncomfortable symptoms in the abdomen, so it is better for us all to eat radishes properly.

Radish is a relatively common ingredient in our daily life. The nutritional value of radish is also relatively high.It is beneficial to the human body to eat radishes frequently.Eating radish can help digestion, but excessive consumption of radishes is harmful to the human body. There will be a certain harm.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people now pay more attention to health care and health issues. Proper radish has many great benefits for the human body. Radish can also improve the body’s immune function, can promote digestion, and can supplement the human body. Trace elements required.

3. Can radish be beauty?
White radish is rich in vitamin c ingredients. Often eating white radish can also play a certain cosmetic effect. White radish can effectively whiten and have a good effect on women’s whitening or maintaining skin elasticity, so women To eat some white radish properly to beauty.

The nutritional value of radish
1. White radish is rich in vitamin C and trace elements zinc.

2. Radish is rich in digestive enzymes, lignin and other enzymes.

3. Radish is rich in digestive enzymes, which are not resistant to heating, so radish is suitable for eating raw.

4. The water content of radish is higher, about 94%, the calorie is lower, and the content of dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamin C and folic acid is higher.

5. White radish contains amylase, which can prevent too much starch, eliminate gastritis and gastric ulcer, and its antioxidant effect and inhibit cell aging are also very obvious. It can also prevent osteoporosis and has a strong detoxification function.

6. The edible portion of white radish is 95%, calories 21 kcal, protein 0.9 g, fat 0.1 g, carbohydrate 5 g, dietary fiber 1 g, vitamin A3 μg, carotene 20 μg, thiamine 0.02 Mg, riboflavin 0.03 mg, nicotinic acid 0.3 mg, vitamin C content 21 mg, vitamin E content 0.92 mg, calcium 36 mg, phosphorus 26 mg, potassium 173 mg, sodium 61.8 mg, magnesium 16 mg, iron 0.5 mg, zinc 0.3 mg, selenium 0.61 μg, copper 0.04 mg, manganese 0.09 mg.

How to eat carrots
1. White radish + pear

Pulmonary lung, clearing heat, resolving phlegm pears have the effect of relieving lungs, calming the heart, eliminating phlegm and removing heat. Juicing and drinking with white radish can not only mask the spicy taste of white radish, but also double the therapeutic effect. In autumn and winter, people with bad spleen and stomach can boil the two together if they can’t drink too cold juice.

2. White radish + green onion

The prevention and treatment of wind-cold colds in autumn and winter is a time when wind-cold colds occur frequently. After being infected with wind and cold, people will be afraid of cold, wind, less sweating, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and sputum. At this time, people should eat foods that cause fever.

Boiling the onion, ginger slices and white radish slices together has the effect of dispersing cold and cough. This soup can also prevent colds.

3. White radish + kelp

It can reduce phlegm and reduce swelling, prevent goiter, kelp and seaweed are rich in iodine. Cooking soup with white radish and kelp has the effect of reducing phlegm and reducing swelling, and has a certain effect on preventing goiter.

4. White radish + lamb

Nourish the liver, eat mutton without getting angry in autumn and winter can dispel the cold, warm the heart and stomach, but also qi and blood, nourish the liver, improve blood circulation.

But meat is phlegm, and lamb is easy to get angry if eaten too much. If it is stewed with white radish which has a cooling effect, it will not only reduce phlegm and fire, but also relieve greasy and make nutrition complementary.


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