How to eat bamboo shoots

1. How to eat bamboo shoots
We can use fresh bamboo shoots to make many classic dishes, such as seafood bamboo shoot soup, pork ribs braised fresh bamboo shoots, fresh bamboo shoots fried pork, bamboo shoot rice, etc., we found that using fresh bamboo shoots as ingredients can make a lot of dishes, and the practice There are many changes, we can use speculation.

2. Precautions for bamboo shoot consumption
2.1. Bamboo shoots must not be eaten raw. When cooking staple food alone, it has a bitter taste, and the taste is not good.

2.2 If it is relatively fresh bamboo, you must not peel off its shell when eating.

2.3. When using storage in summer, it must be boiled with boiling water first, so that the oxalic acid in bamboo shoots can be effectively removed, so it is also beneficial to the human stomach.

3. How to deal with fresh bamboo shoots
3.1 Removal of bamboo shoots

First cut the bamboo shoots in two halves, that is, cut the knife from the center axis of the root to the center axis of the tip.After cutting the bamboo shoots in half, you can see a layer of bamboo shoots from the cut surface.The left hand holds the root and the right hand Grab the side of the cut surface and pull it down, you can peel off all the bamboo shoots at once, and then use a knife to remove the hard skin and heel of the slub and root.

3.2, hot water cooking

Make hot water in the pot.After the water is boiled, cut the bamboo shoots into several sections and boil it in the water. Cook for 5 minutes after the water is boiled.It can be taken out after about 6 matures.After cooling, you can shred it. The processed bamboo shoots have no astringency.

In addition, you can also cook bamboo shoots with light brine for 8 to 10 minutes, which can also remove the bitter taste of bamboo shoots.

Benefits of women eating bamboo shoots
1. Enhance immunity

The content of plant protein, vitamins and trace elements in bamboo shoots is very high, which helps to strengthen the body’s immune function and improve the ability of disease prevention and disease resistance.

2. Cleanse and eliminate phlegm

Bamboo shoots are sweet, slightly cold, and contain low levels of fat and sugar. Pregnant mothers who get angry during pregnancy or have a lot of cough and sputum can eat bamboo shoots to help clear heat and detoxify, reduce phlegm and cough.

3. Meditation cooling

Bamboo shoots are known as “scavengers” of human waste. In summer, pregnant mothers are especially suitable for eating bamboo shoots, because bamboo shoots have an auxiliary treatment effect on hand, foot and heart heat during pregnancy, and irritability and irritability symptoms.

4. Wide chest diaphragm, bowel movements

Bamboo shoots Gan Han Tong Li, which contains plant fibers can increase the retention of intestinal water, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce intestinal pressure, reduce stool viscosity, make stool soft and expel, used to treat constipation and prevent bowel cancer.

5. Drop “three highs”

Bamboo shoots have the characteristics of low sugar and low fat, and are rich in plant fiber, which can reduce excess fat in the body, reduce phlegm and stasis, treat hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia, and have certain prevention for digestive tract cancer and breast cancer effect.

6. Stimulate the potential of the brain

The white powdery substance that appears on the skin and incision of bamboo shoots is a protein crystal called tyrosine. In the body, tyrosine is transported to the brain, which is necessary to stimulate the anti-stress and brain potential.

Bamboo shoots cannot be eaten with anything
1. Bamboo shoots cannot be eaten with lamb

Bamboo shoots are cold and lambs are warm. Eating together may cause complex biochemical reactions, which may cause abdominal pain. Moreover, mutton and bamboo shoots are high-fiber foods, which are not easy to digest. The same food can cause abdominal pain and bloating, and it may be poisoned if eaten in large amounts. If you accidentally eat together and cause discomfort, you can use mortar water treatment.

2. Bamboo shoots cannot be eaten with brown sugar

First of all, brown sugar is warm, bamboo shoots are cold, and the attributes are slightly contradictory. Furthermore, bamboo shoot protein contains a variety of amino acids, and the lysine in it will form lysine sugar groups during the heating process with sugar, which has the effect of blood clotting. Lysine glycosyl, which is a very harmful substance to the human body, will cause gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, and diarrhea after consumption, so the two should not be eaten together. In life, stewed chicken and stewed meat can be colored with brown sugar, and the dishes that are burned out have the unique aroma of brown sugar. However, don’t do this for dishes like bamboo shoot stew.

3. Bamboo shoots cannot be eaten with syrup

The raw material for making syrup can be sugar water, sugar cane juice, fruit juice or other plant juice. However, because the sugar content of syrup is very high, eating syrup with bamboo shoots may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and vomiting. The specific principle is similar to brown sugar.


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