Characteristics of Italian Pasta

Spaghetti is one of the most easily accepted noodles among western food varieties. Regarding the origin of spaghetti, some say that it originated in ancient Rome, and some say that Marco Polo spread from China via Sicily to the whole of Europe.

Characteristics of Italian Pasta-Make One Day

Whether these claims are true or not is unknown and cannot be investigated. As the legal raw material flour for pasta, it is not the ordinary flour we eat, and it is made of a Duran wheat flour. This is the hardest wheat variety, with high density, high protein, high gluten and other characteristics , So the whole spaghetti made by it is yellow, boiled and taste good.

The shape of the pasta is also different. In addition to the ordinary straight powder, there are hundreds of types of screw, bent, butterfly, and shell.

Characteristics of Italian Pasta-Make One Day

The tastes and practices we have eaten have been customary in the hometown. It is really not an authentic taste and taste. Therefore, the taste made by each house is different. They are made according to their own tastes. I am also the same. If you have any ingredients at home, add them, whether they are fried or mixed, add garlic sprouts and stir-fry with carrot shreds, pork shreds, and green pepper shreds. The taste is much better than fried noodles.

The shape of pasta is different according to the type. In addition to the ordinary straight powder, there are screw type, bent type, butterfly type, hollow type, and shell type forest. There are thousands of types.

Characteristics of Italian Pasta-Make One Day


Authentic ingredients are an important condition for pasta to have a good taste. In addition, the sauce for pasta is also important.

Pasta sauce can be basically divided into red sauce and white sauce, red sauce is a red sauce based on tomato, white sauce is a white sauce based on flour, milk and cream, in addition, there are Olive oil flavored noodles and vanilla sauce with herbs, Pesto Sauce), Squid-Ink Sauce).

Red sauce is a sauce made mainly of tomatoes, and is the most seen.
Green sauce is made with basil, pine nuts, olive oil, etc. The taste is more special and rich.
White sauce is a sauce made mainly from unsalted butter, and is mainly used for baked noodles, lasagna and seafood-based pasta.

Characteristics of Italian Pasta-Make One Day

Black sauce is a sauce made of cuttlefish juice, which is mainly used in seafood pasta such as cuttlefish.
The flour used in pasta is different from the flour used in China. It uses a kind of “hard durin wheat”, so it will not cook for a long time. This is the biggest difference.

Cuisine characteristics

The authentic pasta is very biting, but it is not half-cooked, and it feels a bit hard on the bite. The key point is that when the pasta is boiled with steamed boil, you must first add a spoonful of salt, the amount It takes about 1% of the water. Without this action noodle, it tastes only on the outside, but when you bite it, you will feel no taste! Of course, adding salt can also make the texture of the noodles more firm and elastic, and another note is: if you want the noodles to maintain Q elasticity, you must not use cold water, but you must mix a little olive oil Or cooked corn oil. At the same time, if the hot noodles are not used up, you can also mix olive oil and let it dry slightly and then take it to refrigerate.


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